Sello this is Heth. For some reason I have always loved switching around the first letters of words within a sentence for fun. Sometimes everyone laughs, sometime just I laugh. But its FUN. But seriously, as a professional photographer one of my main goals is to have fun! There is too much seriousness going around these days and sometimes we just need to laugh and relax. This is the experience I want my clients to have, and experience me having. Yes, we will have payments, and yes we will have paper work that may even involve numbers that are uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, I have made new friends, gotten a cup of coffee with them-hopefully!-and completed a transaction thats going to enable them to have beautiful and timeless photos to admire and look back on for the rest of their lives! There are so many clients from the past 6 years that I still stay in touch with. Thats what its about! Relationships and sick photos! After over a hundred weddings and countless portrait shoots, I still love it.

Whether its a wedding, engagement photos, families and kids, tasteful maternity photos, or even portraits of dogs or people wake boarding, lets have a good time. I love it all! My work ethic contains observing and documenting whats happening in front of me and bring out the personality of the subject, more so than forcing you to pose in an awkward position. Not fan of that, although I will try some crazy stuff that may or may not work. haha

As for me personally, my name is Sneth Sider. AKA- Seth Snider ;) I love to travel have traveled lots of places around the world, whether for surfing, serving people, shooting weddings or just being a nerdy tourist. Ireland is my favorite country and I can't stop smiling when I'm there. I can also whistle through my tongue, which I think is pretty cool. I enjoy making people uncomfortable with weird handshakes. I play and write music.
I also enjoy airports. Weird huh? Don't know why, but I do. I am actually writing this in an airport. Well, thats kinda me in a nutshell. Cheers to you for reading this whole bio. I hope to shoot you soon! know what I mean.

Anyways, the key here is to know that I love loving people, and one of the ways I do that is through photography. My prayer is that I capture exactly what will penetrate your heart 20 years down the road. With my experience, skill, and passion, I will do that exact thing.