i love

Deeply set eyes and hard lines, showing years of joy and worry. This was the first time I saw someone's life in a photo. My guide through the Himalayan mountains was kind and self-sacrificing. Every day I watched this man make his comfort secondary to my own. I often wanted to connect with him, but we did not share a language. But when I took this photo, I finally got to meet him. I saw this man's nobility, his enduring nature, and willingness to give of himself. That moment set me on a path. I began to see more than just a face, more than light and shadow. I began to see an opportunity to tell someone's story. Over the next 13 years, my interest in portraiture became a passion, then a way of life. I have been lucky to take many photos all over the world for all sorts of people.

Whether you want to tell the story of your business, showcase your brand or lifestyle, or be captured as an individual, I want to help tell your story.